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Terms & Conditions


Choosing products

Choose the product/products you like from our online shop.
Add them to your basket by clicking on the button „Add to Cart“. On new page “CART” you can change the amount of product, and add “COUPON CODE”. If you are finished with selection, and ready for making payment click “Proceed to Checkout”.


In your shopping basket, you can change the amount of products and choose the way of delivery. Choose the way of delivery from the down-drop menu.

Fields open that are necessary for order fulfillment.

  • Fill in the asked fields.
  • Select the Shipping option.
  • Select payment option
  • Agree with terms and conditions

Check if the data in the order is correct and confirm the order by pressing the button „Place Order“.

By clicking on the button „Place Order“, you have agreed with the purchase terms and you will be issued an invoice.
The bill is displayed on the screen and you can print it out or save it.
The bill is also sent to the email address you wrote.

Billing information is available for 120 days, on store web page under customer “My account” information – Orders.


You can pay for the products and transport through a bank link, with a credit card, via PayPal or on the basis of an invoice to the bank account of Nordek OÜ. Nordek OÜ has the right to cancel an order in case the payment has not been done to the Nordek OÜ bank account within 7 days after the bill has been issued. We begin fulfilling the order after the payment has been done.

Methods of payment Internet card payment (Visa, MasterCard) After an order has been placed, the client is automatically directed to the payment page of Luminor E-commerce Gateway interface, where he shall insert his card data. Luminor E-commerce Gateway interface authorizes the transaction at the bank through Luminor E-commerce Gateway. After entering the card number, security code and expiry date, the payment is authorized by the client’s bank. When the system requests the card data, the SSL, MasterCard SecureCode, Verified by Visa will be used, ensuring that the exchanged information cannot be copied or altered by unauthorized persons.


Order Fullfilment


We deliver the ordered goods by Smartpost, DPD Shops or by Omniva carrier (hereinafter carrier) to the address you have noted down or to the closest SmartPOST or Omniva parcel terminal chosen by you. You can also collect the ordered goods yourself.

  1. Delivery home or to work by a carrier.
    The carrier delivers our product to the denoted address within 3 working days after the product has been paid for and in stock. When placing an order, please keep in mind the delivery times, which are 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday. If you are at work during these hours, please write to the Receiver field your work address to assure a fast delivery without a glitch
  2. Delivery to a SmartPOST or Omniva parcel terminal
    Together with SmartPOST and Omniva we deliver the goods to the terminal of your choice. When the package is there, you receive a text message on your mobile phone that also contains a personal door code. You have to enter the code on screen of the terminal and a locker door opens. The package is held at the terminal for 7 days after the package has been delivered there.
  3. When delivering the goods outside from Estonia, LAtvia or Lithuania, the transportation fee depends on the destination country and on the weight and size of the product. Rest of the countries – transportation fee is specified with the vendor each time via email (


Delivery time

Generally, we send the product out within 3 working days after the product has been paid for, and when product is available on stock.

The estimated time of delivery is 3 to 14 days.

If there is a note „On Request“ next to the product, the delivery time of that product is up to 60 days.

In case the destination of your ordered product is outside of Estonia, we specify the date of delivery with you separately each time you order. The specific terms and conditions of delivering outside from Estonia depend on the terms and customs of the international transportation company.

When after issuing a contract of purchase and sale, it becomes evident that the product your purchased is not in our store and it has to be ordered from the specific product vendor and it is obvious that the delivery of that good is not possible as designated in the conditions of delivery time or in cases when the timely delivery of a product is not possible due to circumstances that we are not responsible for, we notify you on the phone number or via email address you noted down in the order form within 2 working days after the contract of purchase and sale has been issued and let you know the new delivery date. In case you lose interest in buying the product due to the longer delivery time, you have the right to withdraw from the contract of purchase and sale.

In case the delivery is delayed or there are any other misunderstandings due to wrong or inaccurate personal data in the order form you placed, we are not responsible for that kind of delay and you do not have the right to withdraw from the contract of purchase and sale.

Returning goods and cancelling an order

Natural person buyer has the right to return an unsuitable product within 1 to 14 days. The package or the product itself cannot be ruined in any way and the product has to be in an unopened original package. When the product is returned, the transportation fee is not refunded to the buyer. The manufacturer is responsible for the guarantee faults.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of are valid for all buying customers equally. The relations between the representer of, Nordek OÜ and the buying customer are regulated by the user terms created by Nordek OÜ and legislations of Estonian Republic.


Agreeing with the terms

Current Nordek user terms (hereinafter terms) regulate the general terms of using  Nordek and the legal relationship pursuant to the contracts that are issued due to using Nordek website between the keeper of Nordek online store on web environment, who is Nordek OÜ  (register code 11185557, location Malle tee 14, Mändjala, Saaremaa vald, phone +372 51992231, email, hereinafter Us), and the user of Nordek online store (hereinafter You). Nordek service includes an opportunity for You to issue a contract of purchase and sale with Us in the Nordek internet environment to purchase the goods (hereinafter product/products) for sale in Nordek. In addition, You have the right to use other services offered in Nordek web environment. More accurate and complete list and description of Nordek services are listed on Nordek web pages By registering on our web site you confirm that You are at least 18 years old or You are at least 15 years old and You have a permission to register from Your parents. You agree that all the information You give us on registering or later is true, accurate and complete.You need to keep the password confidential and cannot reveal it to third parties. You are responsible for all the activities done under your User name.

The prices of products

We have the right to change the prices of products at any time without pre-notice. In case we change the price after You have placed an order for a certain product, we are obligated to sell you the product with the price that was valid at the time of issuing a contract of purchase and sale. If the price is lowered after You have issued a contract of purchase and sale, You do not have the right to require a compensation for the price differences or require selling the product with a cheaper price after the contract of purchase and sale has been issued.In case there is a technical error and the price of a product offered in Nordek has changed/has been changed to an unreasonably lower price compared to the general market price of the same product and we have not noted that the product is discounted by us, we have the right to withdraw from the contract of purchase and sale provided that we have not sent the product to its destination to fulfill the contract of purchase and sale.


Click here to read our privacy terms, which are an integral part of the current user terms.

Nordek news letters and offers

By registering, You agree to receive Nordek news letters and offers via email. If You do not wish to receive those news letters and offers, You can step out of the mailing list by doing an according note in the sent news letter or offer.

Using Nordek web site. By using the commenting options, You are responsible for the content of Your comment and the consequences stemming from it. By using Nordek web site, You agree to the following:

(a) The content of Nordek web site is meant for personal use only. In any other cases, including copying, republishing, downloading, posting, forwarding, making public, a written permission from Nordek is needed.

(b) The web site of Nordek can only be used for legal actions and in a way that does not jeopardise or limit other visitors‘ access to the page or prevent them from using it.

(c)  You cannot use Nordek web site for forwarding illegal, vulgar, inappropriate, damage causing, racist, sexual or any other discriminating, insulting or inappropriate messages.

Nordek OÜ has the right to change or delete material that is disturbing to or other users. Nordek does not notify the public or the person who provided the material about changing or deleting it.

a.) Nordek OÜ can stop the User’s membership at any time. When it happens, the decision is final and that person cannot become a member again.

b.) When users register on Nordek web site, the User accounts are unlimited. Every User has the right to stop their membership at any time by deleting their account.

No personal data of a third person is allowed to be published on the web site: phone number, home address, email etc., if the third person has not given the permission to do so.

  1. Intellectual propertyThe whole content, information and other materials of the web pages, including the design of the web pages, its logo etc., belong to Nordek OÜ and copying, downloading, presenting and spreading them for commercial reasons is only permitted with a written permission from Nordek. By entering data, including your name, into the web site, you give Nordek the right to use, present, change and publish it for the benefit of Nordek OÜ. You also give other Nordek users the right to access your data and use it for personal purpose.By doing cooperation with Nordek, You agree to give Nordek OÜ the right to use your works for free and exclusively anywhere and anyhow. Thereat You confirm that all the sent works (articles, photos, videos, email etc.):
    • is Your creation and You have the right to present the submissions;
    • is not contrary to the laws;
    • do not have insulting content or harm anyone’s interests.
  2. The web pages, services and products of third parties. Nordek is not responsible for the content, material and service of the published information if it has been published by a third party. The third person prepares and maintains the published information and is responsible for its content and offered services. In addition, Nordek OÜ is not responsible for the direct or indirect harm done to the User by reading the material or using the services of third parties. Nordek server automatically records all the information about the User’s browser, including IP address, cookie-information and information about what web pages the User visited. We need this information for advertising and designing the content, to offer quality products and services that the User chooses, to improve our services, to contact the User when necessary and to conduct surveys. When collecting data, Nordek limits it to the lowest as possible we need to offer the User quality services.
  3. Nordek does not have the right to sell, rent or in any other way give the data of our users to third parties. That includes user names, phone numbers and/or postal addresses or email addresses, unless the User has given the permission to do so. Nordek has the right to give information about the User to the legal authorities, when dealing with illegal action, preventing or investigation possible fraud, potential threat to anyone’s physical health or violation of terms. Nordek has the right to send Users news letters and notifications about our services. It is a part of the User account and it is not possible to renounce those. In addition, we have the right to add advertising sentences to the end of the emails sent from Nordek web environment.The whole content of  web pages, including notifications, names, photos, logos and icons, that concern or are related to Nordek, its products or services, or the products or services of third parties, is presented the way it is. Nordek does not ensure error-free operation of Nordek web site, correction of occurring errors or error- and virus-free operation of web site‘s servers.Nordek OÜ is responsible for the quality of services we offer. If there are problems with offering fee-charging services, Nordek will first and foremost try to offer the service the User ordered or if it proves to be impossible, try to replace it with the service equivalent to the service ordered or refund the advance payments the User has already paid.



Your privacy is very important to us. By the help of the current terms, You get a better image of how the data You have presented is collected, presented and used on Nordek web pages.

These principals are valid for the whole Nordek web environment.The basis of processing personal data on Nordek web environment is the Estonian Personal Data Protection Act, which purpose is to protect the fundamental rights and freedom of a natural person in consistence with the public interest.

To use the services offered by Nordek, we ask You to register as a User. The personal data collected while registering

Email address
Phone number
Date of birth
Business data
Contact address

When entering personal information to Nordek web site, You can be sure that we do not forward it to other businesses. We only use the information You entered for Nordek and on Nordek web pages. We never sell or share our users’ addresses, email addresses, phone numbers or any other data.