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Increasing Productivity and Profit Through Videoconferencing

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You may well be aware that over the last few years video communication technology has improved significantly. With much better performance and reliability, today’s videoconferencing solutions are making it possible for video calling and meetings to become part of many companies’ day-to-day routine.
One of the biggest reasons for the improvements in call quality and performance was the development of videoconferencing delivered through the cloud. Sometimes referred to as cloud videoconferencing-as-a-service (VCaaS), it enables professional, high-powered video meetings carried over a dedicated network, to be deployed and scaled almost instantly in any business, without needing large investments.
But videoconferencing isn’t becoming more common just because the quality has improved. As the world of work expands further into the digital realm, many businesses are looking for ways to create robust communication frameworks that bridge the gap between the physical and
digital, whilst still maintaining a personal, human element so critical to successful communications.

For many businesses videoconferencing offers the chance to speak and collaborate with anyone, anywhere in the world, as if in the same room. By using videoconferencing as a key component of their communication strategy, many organizations discover they’re able to:

  • drive better communication

  • build stronger relationships with stakeholders

  • reduce the need to travel

  • host more frequent meetings between teams that would otherwise

  • have to rely on email and telephone

  • speed up decision making processes

  • improve transfer of knowledge across the organization

With the latest developments in cloud technology, deploying video meetings is also highly cost-effective, saving businesses both time and money, since it can be implemented and scaled without a large upfront investment and doesn’t require new hardware to get started.
Not only does video reduce the need to dedicate resources to travel, it also opens up the possibility of more agile, responsive communication between different parts of the organization, letting people make decisions and get answers right here, right now.

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