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How to set-up efficient video conference room


Setting up the video room is part of the successful video conference.

Usually video hardware is 40% of the success, and other 60% comes from user experience. Part of that 60% is correctly set-up video room.

Use our consultancy service to learn how to set-up a video conference room.



Our video room set-up consultancy service includes Video room survey with:

Measuring and reviewing

  • room size
  • lights
  • internal and external noise
  • echo
  • electricity
  • network
  • mounting options


  • Video screen(s), based on room specifics (size, number of seats, lights etc)
  • Camera and codec, based on room size and number of seats
  • Acoustic panels, based of echo and external noise
  • Loud speakers, based on room size
  • Microphones, based on number of seats

Based on selected video system (Yealink, Cisco, Polycom, MS Teams, ZOOM, Google etc) we will provide options, how to simplify the video meeting scheduling and joining for the end users.


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